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Our mission at Jamecho is to ensure that candidates get an admission into the best possible university abroad, in the Country of their choice. Our study abroad program ensures that the application submitted, offers the best possible version of the candidate to the short listed universities. Our counsellors provide candidates with all the guidance that they require throughout the process, which includes a complete analysis of the candidates profile, selection of top universities which meet the candidates profile, strengthening of the candidates profile in order for them to offer the best version of themselves, helping candidates keep up with deadlines and providing any other guidance that the candidate requires.

About the Program

Are you unsure about your career path? Do you need help identifying your strengths and interests to make an informed career choice? Look no further than our career counselling program, which offers a comprehensive range of services to help you navigate your career journey.

We understand that choosing a career can be overwhelming and confusing, which is why we offer a variety of assessments to help you gain a better understanding of your aptitudes, personality, and interests.

In addition to our assessment services, we offer a complete profile evaluation that takes into account your academic background, work experience, and career goals. Our team of experienced career counsellors will work with you to understand your unique needs and preferences, and help you identify potential career paths that align with your interests and aspirations.

We believe that everyone deserves a fulfilling and rewarding career. That’s why we offer customized career plans and ongoin support to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re a high school student, recent graduate, a mid-career professional, or someone looking to make a career change, we have the expert and resources to help you succeed.

CountryCost of Living CategoryRentTransportationFoodMiscellaneousTotal Estimated Monthly Cost
United StatesHigh$800 - $1,500$80 - $150$300 - $500$200 - $400 (phone, entertainment)$1,380 - $2,550
CanadaModerate$600 - $1,000$60 - $120$250 - $400$150 - $300 (phone, entertainment)$1,060 - $1,820
AustraliaHigh$700 - $1,200$80 - $130$300 - $500$200 - $400 (phone, entertainment)$1,280 - $2,230
GermanyModerate€400 - €600€50 - €80€200 - €350€100 - €200 (phone, entertainment)€850 - €1,230
FranceModerate€450 - €700€60 - €90€250 - €400€100 - €200 (phone, entertainment)€960 - €1,440
SingaporeHigh$750 - $1,200$80 - $120$350 - $500$200 - $400 (phone, entertainment)$1,380 - $2,420
Spain (excluding Barcelona)Moderate€400 - €600€50 - €80€200 - €350€100 - €200 (phone, entertainment)€850 - €1,230
NetherlandsModerate€500 - €800€60 - €90€250 - €400€100 - €200 (phone, entertainment)€1,010 - €1,540
New ZealandModerate$700 - $1,000$60 - $100$250 - $400$150 - $300 (phone, entertainment)$1,160 - $1,800
Italy (excluding Milan & Rome)Moderate€450 - €700€50 - €80€200 - €350€100 - €200 (phone, entertainment)€900 - €1,430
Italy (Milan & Rome)High€600 - €900€60 - €90€300 - €450€150 - €300 (phone, entertainment)$1,110 - €1,740


1.Rent can vary greatly depending on the city, type of accommodation (shared apartment, student dorm, etc.), and amenities.
2.Transportation costs may be higher in larger cities with extensive public transportation systems.
3.Food costs depend on your grocery shopping habits and how often you eat out.
4.Miscellaneous expenses include phone plans, entertainment, clothing, and personal care items.

Admission requirements for studying abroad can vary depending on several factors, including:

The specific program you're applying to :

Different programs within the same university may have different requirements.

The university you're applying to:

Universities have their own admissions standards and processes.

The country you're applying to study in:

Different countries may have general requirements for international students.

However, there are some general admission requirements that you'll likely encounter across the board:

Academic Requirements:

Academic Transcripts:

You’ll need to submit official transcripts from all the institutions you’ve previously attended (high school, previous universities if applicable).

Minimum GPA:

Most universities will require a minimum GPA, often around 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Standardized Tests:

Some programs, particularly graduate programs, may require you to take standardized tests like the GRE, GMAT, or MCAT.

English Language Proficiency:


If the program of study is taught in English and you’re not from a native English speaking country, you’ll need to take an English language proficiency test like the TOEFL or IELTS and achieve a minimum score set by the university.

Other Requirements:

Letters of Recommendation (LORs):

One or more LORs from professors, teachers, or employers are often required.

Statement of Purpose (SOP):

This essay allows you to explain your academic goals, research interests, and why you want to pursue this specific program at this university.

Resume or CV:

You may need to submit a resume or CV that outlines your academic and professional experience.


A valid passport is essential for traveling and studying abroad.

Financial Documentation:

Some universities may require proof that you have sufficient funds to cover your tuition and living expenses.


You’ll need to apply for a student visa for the country you’ll be studying in.

Here are some additional tips for gathering information on admission requirements:

University Websites:

The official website of your target university will have a dedicated section for international students outlining admission requirements and application procedures.

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